World Cup Mont Sainte Anne – Finals

A podium for Emilie Siegenthaler and Brendan Fairclough’s attack were Scott11’s highlights of the day, and the hopes are going big for the next races!

Emilie Siegenthaler took all the pressure after her team mate Floriane Pugin couldn’t race today because of her swollen eye from friday’s crash. She handled the pressure well, finishing in 4th place, which is her best result so far in her career.

Brendan Fairclough is back to his speed. The spectators could hardly trust their eyes when they saw the speed that Brendan came down with after smashing and braking his chain on a

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rock half way down the track. All the training on his pump track payed off in this run, even though he did loose quite a few positions in the flat bits at the end of the track, where he just had to coast and wait. Brendan’s attack today was a big motivation for the whole team to keep on working hard to get to the top.

Floriane Pugin was going to race today, but her eye was still too swollen to do so. She had to sit out and cheer for her team mates, but she

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‘s be back strong in Windham, NY, on the upcoming weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy Rob’s Dirty Business here and be ready for more of it to come before next sunday!

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