World Cup Fort William Finals

The rain came in this morning together with the spectators and the midges, so everything was set for the famous and classic Fort William World Cup. In fact, this was the 10th world cup in Fort William since 2002. The crowd was today was just as amazing as in 2002, which made Fort William a special place again this weekend. A 4th for Floriane Pugin, a 29th for Brendan Fairclough and two crashes with a 12th place for Emilie Siegenthaler were the results of the day for Scott11. Brendan Fairclough was a disappointed about his result. We all know though, that sometimes, you have to fight a little harder and a little longer, to get where you want to be, and that’s what the whole team is going to do in order to get Brendan where he belongs. Floriane Pugin said she had one of her toughest races ever, as the long, rough and wet track made things very exhausting. Floriane gave it all and did the best she could today, but doesn’t feel on a 100% just yet after her shoulder injury from South Africa. She’s missing a bit of power to be confident on the big jumps, but that’s what she’s going to work on right after coming home. Emilie Siegenthaler had a good run all the way down to the little tree

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ere she clipped a tree with her handle bars, which made her steer straight into the next tree. Being a bit dizzy from that, another crash followed right after, which meant the race for a top result was over. The team is now returning home to prepare for the north american world cups, which are going to take place in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, in 2 weeks, and Windham, NY, USA, in 3 weeks. Photos by Sven Martin

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