Video: Tour de Pump, stage 4: Chur

The fourth stop of the Tour de Pump took us to a very exciting place, the tarmac pumptrack in Chur.
Pouring rain in the morning changed our plans of downhill riding to a visit in a gym, and even when we got to the pumptrack, the rain came for a little visit once in a while.
Once the riders saw the track though, the rain didn’t matter anymore. Felix Klee and Brendan Fairclough jumped on their bikes and started inventing new lines and jump combinations that were thought to be impossible. They kept riding together with the local kids for almost 5 hours, and didn’t seem to get tired. Looks like pumptracks can be used for endurance training too!
The Segnes Pumptrack is located on a kids playground and was built in october 2012.
With all this action, we couldn’t keep the video down to 90seconds… – go have a look and have fun!
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