Video: Tour de Pump stage 2 in Parpan

The second stage of the Tour de Pump took us to Parpan. The owner of the Hotel Bestzeit had the idea of using the excavated dirt for a pumptrack directly in front of the hotel.
This dirt was almost pure clay, so a dream for a shaper.
The construction in late fall 2012 became a real rush, as weather forecast predicted an early start to the winter.
In fact, we had 5 days to finish the shaping, and the first snow flakes fell with our last shovel hits. One day later, the pumptrack was covered in deep snow.
And it was only a few weeks ago when the snow melted away, which is why there was no time for landscaping yet. The hotel will make sure it’s all nice and green by the time the open up for the summer season in June.
For our video shoot though, the winter said hello again, with rain and snow arriving in Parpan at the same time we did. Brendan, Noel, Felix, Emilie and Floriane still managed to squeeze out a few sneaky lines on the clay before it got too slippery.
Next stop is the kids pumptrack in Laax. Stay tuned!
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