The Action from the World Cup in Andorra

Brendan Fairclough approaches the top 10 again with a 13th place, Patrick Thome enters the top 20, Floriane Pugin steps on the podium in 5th, Emilie Siegenthaler and Noel Niederberger both crash onto 10th place.
World Cup round 3 took place on one of the steepest and toughest tracks ever, at the Vallnord Bikepark in Andorra.

What scared the riders at the track walk soon turned out to be one of the most liked race tracks, as well as one of the most demanding ones.

The large and excited spectator crowds from Andorra, France and Spain made sure that the atmosphere was brilliant, and with their favorite Remy Thirion taking the win, the party could not be stopped. In addition, legendary Cedric Gracia announced his retirement, so there was plenty of reason for celebration.

Brendan loved the track right from the start, as fear doesn’t seem to exist in his vocabulary. Being one of the fastest in the middle section, he couldn’t quite hold the pace all the way down for a podium finish, but still managed to finish in 13th.

Patrick Thome confirmed that his performance curve is going uphill with his 20th place.

Floriane showed consistency in all conditions and ended up on the podium again with a fifth place.

Emilie crashed twice in her run, which put her back to 10th place after a 6th in qualifying.

Noel also crashed early in the race, and was not able to make up the time further down.

Next up will be the classic world cup in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada on August 11.

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