Pedalling and braking masterclass, with Brendan Fairclough

One makes you stop, the other makes you go… surely that’s all there is to it? But as downhill maestro Brendog explains, pedalling and braking isn’t as black and white as you may have thought…

Pedal to go faster and brake to go slower, right? Of course that’s true in most cases, but pedal in the wrong section and it can actually slow you down. Conversely, grab a handful of brakes down a slippery slope and you may well find yourself accelerating. Making the right call at the right time requires a finely tuned sense of balance between the front and rear wheels, and good judgement of traction levels. This month we’re looking at exactly how, and when, to turn the cranks and pull the brakes in order to get the most out of every trail.

Roo Fowler, Editor of MBR
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