Gstaad-Scott test camp in San Romolo

It is quite usual that world cup teams spend a few days for testing and training in San Romolo, Italy, during the winter. But it is quite unusual that all the main partners join the team for such a test. This time, it was the case.

ShimanoDT SwissFoxSchwalbe and Scott were on site to test their new products with Brendan Fairclough, Emilie Siegenthaler, Noel Niederberger and Patrick Thome. The test camp was the start  for the 2014 season for Gstaad-Scott, and San Romolo had ideal wheather conditions and test tracks ready for us.

Never before, we had the chance of testing so many proto types in one single camp. The results were surprising and the riders were loving them. 

The outcome of the can’t be published right now, but you will soon find out when the world cup starts!

Thanks a lot to Ristorante Dall’Ava!

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