Gstaad-Scott starts Tour de Pump


As a bit of a different way to prepare for the upcoming world cup start, Gstaad-Scott visits Velosolutions pumptracks during this week’s Tour de Pump through Switzerland.

One of the first ever full concrete pumptracks was built in Jenaz, Switzerland.

Gstaad-Scott is going to upload two videos per day during the Tour de Pump. One rider introduction and one action video from each pumptrack.
The first stop of the Tour was today in Jenaz. A little rain in the morning dried off the 300m concrete track immediately, and the first action clip was shot with quite a few local kids watching and riding with the pros.

While Noel Niederberger and Felix Klee were trying to jump never seen combinations……

… Brendan Fairclough was busy signing autographs and trying to find out how far sideways he could go on a pumptrack, …

… Emilie Siegenthaler kept the kids busy by chasing them lap by lap…

Noel and Brendan pushed eachother by going further, higher, lower, faster, and certainly sideways – er.

Go watch the action video on the worlds best websites, you know which ones they are!

are you looking forward for more to come? we are!

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