Grande Finale of the world cup in Val di Sole

Grande Finale of the world cup in Val di Sole

The mountain bike world cup has never seen as many spectators as this year and the finals in Italy demonstrated again, just like every single race of this season, where this sport is going.

With Red Bull TV showing all the races live world wide, the mountain bike world cup has become a magnet for spectators. Even the small town of Commezzadura in the Val di Sole got crowded this weekend, and the people were lining up to get in already hours before the race started. You can watch the replay of the race here.

Brendan keeping the crowds happy already during practice (Photos Sven Martin)

Brendan Fairclough and Neko Mulally had a tough weekend on the most difficult track of the year. Brendan finished in 24th and Neko had a mechanical problem that threw him back to 48th position.
Neko Mulally fought his way to the finish line despite mechanical problems. (Sven Martin)
An incredibly spectacular world cup series came to an end with Brendan Fairclough placing 11th overall and Neko Mulally 38th.

The season is not over yet as the UCI World Championships are coming up in less than two weeks in Andorra!
Brendan Fairclough flying through the crowds on the most difficult track of the year (Photo Sven Martin)

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