Crash Start to the 2014 world cup in South Africa

A rather difficult weekend was the start of the world cup season 2014 for Gstaad-Scott in South Africa

All preparations during the winter were going well, but the week in South Africa started with quite a few crashes.

Noel Niederberger’s experience of the world cup 2014 started like this…..
The incidents during practice led to an uncertainty of the athletes. Even though they all were on a very good pace to keep up with the fastest guys on track, they were not able to hold it together for a full run without having some gnarly moments.
Brendan Fairclough above the crowds during his final run.
At the end, Patrick Thome finished in 27th, Brendan Fairclough in 37th and Emilie Siegenthaler in 9th place. Noel Niederberger couldn’t race because of a knee injury, but he should be back for Australia.
Brendan Fairclough made sure the game remained fun.
The team is now traveling to Cairns in Australia, for round #2 of the world cup. The mountain bike circuit returns to Cairns after 18 years. The world championships were held there in 1996.

Team Manager Claudio Caluori is already getting nervous about his GoPro preview presented by Velosolutions in Australia, as the jumps have been predicted to be even bigger than the ones in South Africa. If you haven’t seen the GoPro preview from there,check it out here!

Claudio Caluori is the first man on track to provide you with the GoPro preview. (photo Hansueli Spitznagel)
World Cup Action Imagery availbale now
Please check out our Image Database with the latest action from South Africa by Sven Martin.
Emilie Siegenthaler is ready for a new attack in Australia

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