Back in World Cup Action in Andorra

After a little break that was used for proper training at home, and to win a French national title by Floriane Pugin, Gstaad-Scott is back in world cup racing mode.

The drive to Andorra turned out to be a bit of a challenge with our Black Pearl taking it’s time on the small pass roads, and with our Renault braking down with the team in it. Good thing that happened in France, so the next Renault mechanic wasn’t too far.

As we arrived in the paddock and started to build the Gstaadtosphere, the weather turned from steaming hot to smashing hail.

Andorra is ready for the world cup with a completely new track that surprised the athletes at the on foot course inspection. Very long, extremely steep, narrow and slippery it will not be easy to stay on the bike all the way.

Everything was properly checked and serviced before today’s first training session.

Team manager Claudio Caluori was the first down the track for his on board commentating. Go see it right here:

The first training showed that the track was a lot harder to walk than it is to ride, but approaching race speed will again be a totally different story.

A little side story from the women’s training session, where Floriane and Emilie were riding together: They stopped and got off their bikes to have a look at a technical section. When they got back on their bikes, they felt awkward and didn’t know what was different on their bikes, – until they checked the number plates and saw that they swapped bikes without knowing….

Floriane Pugin who loves steep and technical tracks, is looking to take her success at the French championships into the world cup.

Brendan Fairclough, who showed some progress in the last few races in the UK, is looking for revenge after the marking tape got caught in his rear wheel at the UK national championships last weekend.

Noel Niederberger used the last two weeks for proper training on many different downhill tracks.

Emilie Siegenthaler and Patrick Thome will try to continue their way towards to podium.

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